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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

We specialise in residential and commercial tree care in the Newark, Lincoln and surrounding areas.

We will advise you on how best to carry out the work needed to your tree or trees. When space is limited we can carry out a controlled sectional tree removal using harnesses and rigging. This reduces any disturbance to the immediate area. We always clear up after ourselves and are considerate to neighbouring property. We are happy to chip the arisings for you to use as mulch on your beds or even log up limbs and branches if you’d like them. Our integrity guarantees costs are kept to a minimum.

Our climbing team are qualified to perform aerial rescue and each person on site has their first aid qualification.

We are dedicated to helping you improve both the appearance and health of your trees, as well as reduce risks of any potential damage which sometimes occurs in storms and bad weather.

Tree reports and surveys. Tree preservation orders checked.