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Felling / Timber Harvest

Felling / Timber Harvest

We have an experienced team of chainsaw operators who also have their Forest Machine Operators qualification. We use a new Valtra tractor and crane with a Botex forwarding timber trailer. Our machinery has ample capability and can be applied to any situation, whether it be large or small, on a slope, with difficult access or in neglected woodland.

Future plans include introducing a harvester or 360 excavator with mounted harvesting head, to our fleet of machines and vehicles.
A 40 mile radius allows us to utilise our machinery most efficiently. We carry out clear-felling and thinning works to established woodland both managed or neglected,

We have the equipment and skills to manage Woodlands. Thinning a plantation will ensure that the quality and value of the timber is maximised. It allows more light in and assists the healthy growth of the maturing trees within, while providing a return at the same time. Care and maintenance at an early stage is beneficial to the final product and protects your investment.

Planting areas of land and thinning woodlands can have a very positive environmental impact as well as provide an income for you.